Gurfein & Tobin? Really? I need this? I need this like a hole in my heart pacer! But actually, I need this, and you need this, because it is the best online place to be with people who are sick of being seniors and know that we are Premiums! Gurfein's Vlogs and Tobin's Blogs are keeping in the treasured history of greats like Rowan & Martin (or, perhaps Cheech and Chong). We've actually built this site for ourselves but you are welcome to hang with us. We plan to have a great time (with a little meaning sprinkled in here and there). Plus there isn't a single product on our site that we wouldn't personally try to sell you, er, I mean that we wouldn't personally want to own ourselves. So jump in and have a great brain swim.

OCT 16

How well does this match how you feel about the past: I don’t regret the mistakes I made. I learn, move on, and think about what’s next. That’s the first question in our Are You a Senior or a Premium? Quiz. This blog covers how to move from regrets to using your past to propel yourself higher and higher. *** I’m a big fan of the TV series, This Is Us. What I find most intriguing is how the show spirals at warp speed between the past and present, transforming the concept of th...

OCT 16

Gedaliah's Vlog - How You View Your Past… and Your Future (Senior vs. Premium)

I’m sure you’ve seen our "Are You a Senior or a Premium?" Quiz (if not – click here). I think it is important to know what was going on behind these questions and the answers offered. So I’m going to take them down one by one. Here’s dealing with the first question – let me know what you think. (You still think? Right?) The first question raises the issue of "regret" - Almost everybody feels regret in their lives. That's not the point. Wha...

AUG 26

Since you’re a Premium or a Very-Alive-and-Relevant-60+, I’m sure you remember the first 26 Life Hacks from Part 1. Here is the continuation of our list on how to get smarter, healthier, and happier, and live the premium lifestyle you deserve! BTW, if you’re not yet familiar with the term Life Hack, it’s a shortcut, trick, or strategy designed to achieve maximum success. Behind every life hack is a failure and the culmination of learning derived from it. ...

AUG 26


As if part one wasn’t enough – Michael is back with part two! Say Whaaaa???? So I decided it was time to call in my buddies. Please meet my friends who ALL had their lives hacked!!!They’re going to do this week’s vlog.

Here's an even better life hack: go relax with something that LOOKS like a cup of coffee... but has a little more kick to it.
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How to Get Smarter, Healthier, and Happier, and Live the Premium Lifestyle You Deserve Today, I decided to break the rules.  It’s one of the prerogatives of being a Premium – not needing to be a good boy. I’m going to start with a poetry slam on the experience of aging. It has nothing to do with the title of this blog. It’s just that a half hour ago someone sent me this Dr. Zeus rip-off on the ills of aging and it pissed me off. So much so t...



“Hack”? Seriously, Michael? My partner has decided to teach us fellow premiums the best way to live our lives. So he borrowed a phrase from the Millennials – “hack”. But when we were their age “hack” meant to tear your meat instead of cut it. Or hack was something that happened in a lot of Alfred Hitchcock movies. So I decided to “hack” myself out of this video and take a step to the side.  

Here's my favorite life hack: ...

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