hemp oil a premiums best friend

The Good News

We know that many of you have already heard about the benefits of Hemp Oil. However, did you know that we Baby Boomers are the largest buyers of Hemp Oil today?

There are numerous reports that Hemp Oil is being used in the treatment of pain, PTSD, sleep problems, anxiety and even for stressed out pets! While we are very careful to respect the FDA’s request not to make claims we will share quotes as to what people in the industry are saying:

AARP (Sept. 2019) wrote: “At least 64 million Americans have tried CBD — including more than 1 in 6 boomers. The top reasons: pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia; in one recent study, two-thirds said it helped their health issue all by itself, and 30 percent said CBD helped when combined with conventional medications.”

The Bad News

The big problem in the CBD conversation is that unscrupulous sellers are making wild claims that CBD can cure anything from cancer to acne. Our pledge to you is that we won’t make any unsubstantiated claims about the benefits of CBD. We will however share testimonials from people like yourselves who have experienced positive results from the use of CBD products. 

When you buy CBD, you want to make sure that they have at least some, if not all, of the following labels to assure you of quality. 

And Now for More Good News

We’ve invested a significant amount of time to search for a company that meets our standards: 

  • Has consistent, top-quality products,
  • Owners who care about their customers
  • Have met the highest industry standards and have the certificates to prove it

We found HYBRID HEALTH HEMP in north Carolina.

Hybrid Health Hemp Oil Extract (CBD) 1,000 MG

We usually say “less is more.”In the case of our new 1,000mgfull-spectrum tincture, we say“MORE IS MORE!” More organic,3rd-party tested, CO2 extracted CBD,more cannabinoids, more terpenesand more flavonoids. Each beautiful,tasty 1/2 dropper serving contains16.7mg of CBD, so a little goes a long way. So yeah, maybe less, is more. Spend less, get more.


Our ChiroCream is 200mg of “Ahhh!” Say goodbye to muscle and joint aches and pains, and treat your skin to luxurious, moisturizing bliss.
Organic hemp oil extract (CBD) is blended with other essential oils, including Cypress ,Juniper Berry, pine,Rosemary,peppermint, Ravensara, Sweet Basil, Eucalyptus,Fennel,Lemon,Ginger, Roman Chamomile, Black pepper , Clary Sage, Frankincense, Yarrow, Arnica, Organic Coconuts, Emulsifying Wax and Bees Wax. All good, all natural. And it smells great too!


Our best selling tincture at a great price. some folks believe more expensive means better. Other folks are smarter, so why spend more ? Get 500mg of organic, GMP-compliant cannabinoids in a full spectrum oil blended from North Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee hemp at a price Einstein would love. Our customers tell us of improved sleep, lower anxiety levels, pain relief, and enhanced well-being. Try it. You’ll like it


300mg of cannabinoids in a full spectrum oil blended from North Carolina , Kentucky and Tennessee hemp. A great product at a great price. Perfect for those starting a CBD regimen who want to balance their endocannabinoid system and improve overall well-being.
You could pay more , but why ?

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Our unique link: https://hybrid-health-affiliate.kckb.st/gurfeintobin

our unique referral code: GURFEINTOBIN 

Sold only in the USA where permitted by law

Why Hybrid Health?

  • Hybrid Health products are organic and made locally in North Carolina, one of the leading agricultural states in the country.
  • All Hybrid Health products are independently tested for purity and quality.
  • A small, family owned company, Hybrid Health’s mission is to offer CBD products of the highest quality and value, starting with the ingredients to the finished products you purchase.
  • Hybrid Health’s premium quality hemp CBD and non-CBD supplements are both affordable and effective!

We have found their products to be so good that even Dr. Tobin (as in Gurfein & Tobin) used one of their products and had fantastic results. Below you will see his testimonial. It is not a claim; it is a personal experience shared with you.