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Born in the USA, South Park, circa: August 18, 1954

My Quote:

Yes, I believe that Michael and I are, as Jimmy Hendrix would say, really experienced in every meaning of the word. That's one source for our tag line - Experience is Everything.

My Bio:

Been working in TV/Film and High Tech for who knows how long. Grew up a serious ball player, mostly hoops, and now an avid reader and teacher. Been there, done that, but still very much into going there and doing that. Life never gets boring. Love my wife and kids but especially love my grandchildren and their kids!

Born in the USA, South Park, circa: August 18, 1946

My Quote:

As super seniors we are empowered with something we didn't have before, Premium Wisdom. It can only be had with age. And wisdom with action coming from a premium is called the Art of Saging. Sage, don't age.

My Bio:

Been a clinical psychologist since Nixon resigned and an entrepreneur since 1971, when a month after discharge from the Army, I launched a health food truck on the UConn campus. I’ve done a lot of things, some quite successful, others less so (If you’re interested in more details visit this link). That’s why our tagline is Experience is Everything. Along the way I met my life partner Deborah, raised 4 amazing children, who have produced between them 14 beautiful grandchildren. What keeps me young and energetic is a lifetime commitment to fitness, athletics, and competition. My passion, along with my wife, is trekking to high places around the world.

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