Meet The DAANGz! the Ultimate Premium Superheroes


For 74 years, their friends knew them as Tom and Louise Silverworth.


But by the time they turned 75, the whole world knew them as The DAANGz! Today, they are the Ultimate Premium Superheroes, always ready to energize, motivate, and challenge seniors to fulfill their potential as Premiums.


Even before The DAANGz!, Tom and Louise were no ordinary seniors. It was natural for both of them to knock off a 5-mile run before breakfast, jump on a plane bound for a challenging trek through the Himalayas, or dart around their backyard with their grandchildren, shooting water pistols. They lived their nearly 50 years of marriage guided by three rules: Help the helpless, always give the benefit of the doubt, and never, ever waste a moment of life.


Granted, Tom and Louise were super seniors, but no one could have predicted their transformation to superheroes. While Louise, a retired social worker and part-time CrossFit trainer was at the gym tossing medicine balls, Tom, an engineer by profession but an inventor and tinkerer in spirit, was in their basement. He was at the final stages of working on the most innovative electronic project of his life – a voice activated bionic suit designed to replace a walker.


Suddenly, the entire basement exploded! Dazed and bloodied, Tom made his way upstairs to ensure he was still in one piece. As he looked at himself in the mirror, thinking to himself, “DAANG!, I was lucky,” his whole body started crackling with electricity. Tom grabbed the sink to steady himself, and it was then that he saw the strangest thing – little lightning bolts running across the pupils of his eyes.


Louise arrived home at that moment, saw the destruction, and rushed to Tom’s side. Seeing that her beloved was stunned but healthy, she offered him a kiss, and ZAP! The lightning bolts jumped to her eyes as well.


That day would be the turning point in both their lives. Each time one of them said, “DAANG!”, a powerful, electric force would pulsate throughout their bodies, giving each of them 50x more oomph than they ever had before. Tom was always strong, but now he could raise a truck with one hand. Louise was always smart, but now her problem-solving brainpower left Einstein in the dust.


And so emerges the world’s first senior superhero couple – The DAANGz!. As Premiums, and now as a superheroes, The DAANGz!, alone, possess the astonishing power to discover and release the the unique wisdom, kindness, and simple common sense in each senior they encounter.  Their mission, wherever and whenever it takes them, is nothing less than transforming languishing seniors into extraordinary Premiums.